Japeth Aguilar NBA Journey is not over!

Being one of the few Pinoy basketball players who tried to play in the NBA, Japeth Aguilar should be proud of himself.  Wait a second, I dont even remember if there were any Filipino basketball players who tried out in the NBA or NBA D League, oh well.

For those of you who still dont know, Japeth Aguilar came close to playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors in the NBA D-League, so is this worthy of an article?

For the haters out there, you  may question or say that Japeth Aguilar does not really have the skill, talent  or perhaps the basketball IQ to be in the NBA or even in the D League but let me tell you right now, that regardless if he lacks a few of those attributes at least we know that he has the guts and the heart to try out,  while other just talk about it, Japeth Aguilar made it happen.

Japeth Aguilar declined to play in the PBA to pursue his NBA dream. Japeth tried out with diffrent teams including the Los Angeles Defenders and the Iowa Stampede, and even if he had no success in the early stages, he persevere and eventually land a slot with the Sta Cruz Warriors. The Warriors made him as their No. 13 pick in the 7th round of the NBA D-League Rookie Draft early this month. It was a sign of hope for the young Japeth Aguilar. 

Yesterday, however the Warriors announced their regular season roster and Japeth Aguilar was not included. For a player who worked so hard and have gone thru diffrent trials, its a heart break, Japeth Aguilar  who did not really show well during the pre season was cut and could be contemplating now, if he would go back to the Philippines or accept a concelation offer by the Sta Cruz Warriors as a practice player

Today is Thanksgiving day and tomorrow Japeth Aguilar will be officially waived and while other people are celebrating with their family in the US, Japeth Aguilar may still be thingking of his basketball career. It is  a sad moment for his career but still, he should be thankful, thankful because not all players are able to try out from the Philippines even if they want too, thankful because the Philippine Basketball Ascociation is going to accept him back and give him playing time, thankful because his fans are still following and supporting him thru his ups and down.  

Japeth Aguilar is still young, there are still a lot of chapters to be written in his book, the journey may be tough but it is still far from over, I know that fans reading this article believe that Japeth Aguilar will make it as a basketball player, the race is not over and as long as Japeth has the heart to move on and try again, I am sure that someday he will be given a break.

Japeth your journey is not over, it only just begun. #keepontrying