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Khan vs Pacquiao is a Done Deal - Let's Have Fun Comparing Them!

Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan
Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan
If CNN and other big news media are reporting it, then it must be true. We are sincerely excited to see Manny Pacquiao fight again but it ain't going to be cool if this fight suddenly falls out. Certainly happier to see Manny face his former sparring partner. Both of them may already have been familiar with each other having to train under the supervision of Hall of Fame Trainer Freddie Roach. Khan, on the other hand, is now being trained by Virgil Hunter.

The fight is set to happen in April this year in Dubai and what is said to the biggest event in boxing in UAE.

Just before we stack them up and compare their statistics, Let's just be clear that this fight is not set in stone yet according to Bob Arum the promoter of Manny Pacquiao, so this could still change but hopefully pushes through.

The comparisons are based on papers and statistics. It is not intended to tell you who will win the fight but should give you an idea. We will also have a bit of fun in the comparison.

Name:  Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan - Pacquiao's name is more popular so he obviously wins this.

Age:  Manny is 38 vs Amir who is only 30 years old -  Amir takes this one. He is in the prime of his life.  At age 30, Manny was beating down the likes of Hatton, Diaz, Cotto and Dela Hoya. This could be the chance of Khan to elevate his name in the boxing world.

Nickname:  Pacman vs King Khan - Can't argue who has the better monicker but I would say that Manny lived up to his nickname better than Khan who have not really been considered yet as the top dog in boxing. Pacquiao however has fought like a Pacman, relentlessly throwing punches and attacking. Although did you know that the Pacman actually when reversed means MANny PACquiao.

Height: 5 ft 6 in , 67 in reach vs 5 ft 8 inches, 71 in reach - You could say that Amir's got an edge on this but Manny has been fighting taller guys and performing better against them. I do not think I could give an edge to Amir, so let's be neutral on this.

Record:  Manny (59-6-2) 38 KO vs Khan (31-4) 19 KO - I do not even have to say anything.

Championships: Pacquiao is an 8 division champ vs while Khan has been a unified champ in light welterweight (WBA and IBF) - I am becoming one sided with my comparisons but what can I do, these are the facts.

Jobs: Manny is a boxer, a basketball player, a senator, an actor, a singer, there is a lot more attached to Manny Pacquiao's name vs  Khan who I believe boxing is his full time job. I would give this criteria in favor of Amir Khan. Pacquiao in recent years may still be a great boxer but his other responsibilities may have to take a toll on him soon.

There are a lot more things to compare and talk about these two fighters but this should be it for now. All I am hoping is for this fight to finally take place. Let's wait.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy some highlights courtesy of Amir Khan.

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