A 6 Year Old's Ultimate VIP Treat From the Warriors

A mother from Snelville, Georgia has promised to take his 6 year old son along with his brother to see a Warriors game if he brings his grades up and be a good boy at home. Knowing that his son is a Warriors and a Curry fan, she saved up for more than six months and bought great seats nearly $600 only to find out that they were denied entrance at the Philips Arena during the Warriors and Hawks game in the Philips Arena earlier this month because of a ticketing mishap. 

The online ticket exchange company, StubHub, did give the family a full refund after discovering there was an online error and also gave them a $100 credit for the inconvenience she and her sons experienced. That’s reasonable enough, yes, but it doesn’t really make up for the missed chance to see your hero in the actual flesh!

Two days after reports of the family being turned away in Atlanta, the Warriors invited the family to come out to Oakland, California to watch Sunday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies at Oracle Arena and got a VIP treatment!

Everything really happens for a reason!

(courtesy: youtube/FOX 5 Atlanta)

Isaiah was able to meet all the Warriors' palyers including head coach Steve Kerr. Also take a look at the kid's shaved head showing a No.30 on one side and the Warriors' Bay Bridge logo on the other side. Isaiah also got lucky to hang out on the court during the players' warmups and got to even throw Stephen Curry the pass for his hallway shot before heading back to the locker room. 

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