Why Melo Should Stay Even If He Wants to Go, No Longer a Franchise Player

Carmelo Anthony  might go

Melo Drama in New York Continues But Could be on its Final Episode

All signs show that Carmelo Anthony is not happy with the Knicks organization.

The New York Knicks had yet again another disappointing season even after making a number of moves adding Derick Rose, Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee among others.These moves had shown promise early but hopes went down the drain as season progresses and the losses files up.

Carmelo Anthony was not impressed with these movements and maybe thinking of splitting with the Knicks. Melo who averages 22 points, almost 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 turnovers per game had a decent season but is obviously on a  downward trend of his performance.

Anthony who had spent 7 years with the Knicks had the lowest field goal percentage in the last 5 years, his point productions for the last 2 years has been the lowest since he started with the Knicks.

You know where I am getting at.

The 33 years old will be meeting with Phil Jackson, coach Jeff Hornacek and GM Steve Mills to talk about their future together and while Melo feels like the team is not committed to winning, the Knicks management might be feeling the same way to him.

The meeting would be a critical one as it may be the turning point for both parties and while everyone thinks that Melo holds the card, because of the no-trade clause on his contract, the Knicks are still in control because they could just sit Melo and make his season with the Knicks a living hell.

Melo still needs to be cautious in his approach and should consider staying not unless he is ready to step back and accept a supporting role with other organization.

The Knicks is probably still the best option for him for obvious reasons. They have the capability to make drastic changes and spend reasonable cash to improving the team.  If Knicks still sees him as a franchise player then he should definitely stay.

Personally, I think he is no longer the main piece of the puzzle.

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