Jordan Clarkson is Ready to Be Traded and to Play Anywhere

Jordan Clarkson is Ready to Be Traded and Play Anywhere

Jordan Clarkson is a confident man, ready for whatever situation

The Lakers have publicly said that they will be making a big move next season to lure Paul George and LeBron James. In fact, Paul George while just recently being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunders ,has already committed to signing with the Lakers next year.

The Paul George situation is pretty much well taken care of due to expiring contracts next year and player movements from the Lakers, however, the approximately 35 million cap space may not be enough to sign two superstars.

Jordan Clarkson has been in the conversation for potential cap freeing trade scenarios and for most players, it is kind of bothering but for Jordan, it is what it is.

Jordan has been quoted in a recent interview that these rumors do not really bother him and all he can do is to prepare and be ready to play wherever, but until then he is a Laker and he is excited to play for the purple and gold.

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