Unlike Other Teams, Warriors Keeps the Team Together, Re-Signs JaVale McGee

McGee Reacts to signing with the Warriors

Say whatever you want to say to JaVale McGee but he is one of the important pieces of the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

McGee is not required to do a lot of things on the court other than protecting the rim, rebounding and catching some lob passes inside. Pretty simple tasks but a critical ones. Warriors' management sees the value of keeping the 29-year-old center as part of their team as they contend once again for a trophy.

McGee averages 6 points, almost 1 block and 3 rebounds in 9 minutes of play. The stat line isn't much but he isn't really required to do much more. McGee has spent the last four years of his NBA career with four different teams starting 2013 with Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas and Golden State Warriors where he will have a chance to play for his second season.

Besides on court stats, McGee brings in the fun to the team.

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