Ball Scrutiny: Will the Cavs and Warriors End up in Another Clash for the NBA Title?

Will there be an all-star showdown in the 2018 Finals? 

It’s still too early to come up with a probable conclusion for the possible outcome for this season. But one thing’s for sure, the NBA Universe awaits the roads of two super teams to cross path for another legendary clash.

Easier dash to the finals for the Cavs

The road to the finals for LeBron and Wade together with the all-new form of the Cleveland Cavaliers became smoother. The imbalance of the eastern and western conference is evident and became even more so when Paul George, Paul Millsap, Jimmy Butler and other prodigies joined the rough battle in the west. Clearing the path effortlessly for the King to step up to the final stage. Stepping on his way is an old-friend Kyrie Irving who is sure to give LeBron tough games.

Needle hole getting even narrower for the Warriors

All the weight’s in the West. And they are all looking to shut down one team. The Dubs would face huge teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder, which wants to get vengeance on Durant. Russell Westbrook has enough firepower as he will strive full throttle with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. The Warriors aren’t the only Super-team this season anymore. Minnesota Timberwolves will also be a huge obstacle. The wolves are the best team to match the Warriors’ run and gun pace thus defeating them on their first encounter in the preseason.

It is possible but it will be tough, particularly for the Defending Champs while the Cleveland would be at ease waiting for them to get out of a hell-like war with the rest of the western conference.

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