From Hunger to Starvation: James Double-Double Deprives Bulls' First Season Victory

LeBron James 34 points, 13 assists are just too much for the hungry Bulls to swallow.

Facing the Cavs with two losses, Chicago Bulls were drove by hunger for victory evidenced by their huge 1st quarter performance. The Bulls started sizzling hot and opened the game with a 7-0 run. Lauri Markkanen, playing for about 3 minutes already made two 3 pointers, stretching their lead 12-2 with only LeBron  scoring for the Cavs since the start.

Markkanen still on fire beyond the arc, hitting his 3rd triple whilst LeBron hits two three pointers for the Cavs, yet Cleveland is still way behind the Bulls at the end of the quarter, 38-28.

The Cavs started coming back slowly right after the 2nd quarter started, they got as close as 37-41. After a quiet minute, with neither teams able to score, LeBron drives through the defense triggered by Wade’s assist to draw and finish a 3-point play. The Cavs are only 2 points behind 47-49.

Bulls neutralized the comeback of the Cavs by another trey from Markkanen followed by another from Paul Zipser. Nevertheless, the Cavs didn’t let the Bulls breakaway once again as LeBron and kyle Korver made threes to equal Bulls main weapon – Markkanen. It was still the Bulls up at the half but only with one possession, 68-65.

Jae Crowder launches a trey to force a deadlock at 72 and finally taking the lead by a Tristan Thompson layup and another trey by JR Smith. It is now the Cavs who are pulling away from the Bulls. Crowder fires up another three pointer that brought the Cavs up to as much as 84 -75.

But neither team wants to give up the victory, the Bulls, led by Holiday took the lead back as they enter the 4th quarter 92-91.

Kevin Love opened the final quarter with a lead taking three pointer followed by a Jeff Green layup from James assist. It was a close game still but the Bulls only have the firepower to keep up but could not boost enough for another comeback. It was all just a series of exchange of baskets and the Bulls failed to close the final gap the Cavs had established. 

The game ended 119-112 for the Cavs.


Cavaliers 119 – James 34, Love 20, Crowder 11, Thompson 5, Smith 3, bench – 46

Bulls 112 – Holiday 25, Markkanen 19, Grant 12, Lopez 11, Zipser 11, bench - 34

Cleveland Cavaliers VS Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | Oct 24 2017 | NBA Season 2017-18

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