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LeBron James: Current Era’s Michael Jordan, How Accurate?

Who's the real GOAT?

Michael JORDAN and LeBron JAMES
Michael JORDAN and LeBron JAMES

I know you all are searching for some reasons, arguments and comparisons between the juggernauts of two different eras. Here’s a synopsis of the indirect clash between the two ball monsters of different centuries.

Everyone who knows basketball is guaranteed to have had heard about Michael Jordan. The Greatest Player of All Time.

He was the greatest during his time in the NBA. It was but unquestionable, he possesses the exquisite talent any basketball aspirant may ever wish and may never have their entire life.

But that era is far over, Jordan now remains as a living memory that will never ever be forgotten.

The closest player that may be compared to Michael Jordan is, of course, today’s king of the hard court, LeBron James, the immovable object of the east.

The question is, “How close is close?”

Jordan, in his NBA career, won 6 titles whilst LeBron having only 3. James is halfway, apparently. But how far? How tough? How rough is the remaining portion of the road to 3 more NBA titles? LeBron James and the Cavs are slowly being flushed out by teams like the Golden State Warriors, beating them twice in three times they clashed for the championship. How odd.

The sad thing is, Jordan played 15 NBA Seasons while LeBron is already playing his 15th this year, meaning, even though the Cavs become this season’s champ, out of 15 NBA seasons, LeBron will have just a maximum of 4 championships, the king is two steps short to surpass the Greatest Player of All Time.

With 11 games behind, lights get dimmer for LeBron to oust Jordan's point production. Michael had 32,292 points in 1,072 games whilst LeBron with 28,787 in his 1061 games.

Despite the odd chance of breaking the seemingly unbreakable championship record of Michael, still, LeBron James has shown the universe he is deserving to be compared with Jordan. James is a monster in terms of controlling the boards 1922-1152, also in dishing out assists 1489-1022.

The quantity of the championships aside, LeBron undoubtedly has shown that he has this “G.O.A.T” spirit and is this era’s Michael Jordan.



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