Sports Babe: Former UFC Champion Miesha Tate Knows You're Disappointed

Meisha Tate wants you to get into shape. 

Meisha Tate Training program

It has been awhile since we last put out Sports Babes photos and we think it made perfect sense to start doing it again with the former UFC Bantamweight Champion Meisha Tate.

During her fighting years, Meisha has compiled 18 wins and 7 losses. She has captured fans with her fighting skills and her beauty. Today, she continues to inspire many as she launches her own training program.

This leads us to her recent Instagram post about giving us another chance to catch her special Cyber Monday bonus.

mieshatateI’ve HEARD you! Since yesterday, I’ve been getting tons of messages from disappointed people that missed out on my special Cyber Monday bonus... #linkinbio @mieshatate

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