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Rivalry Truce: Curry, Harden vs. James, Durant, Who's the Better Duo?

LeBron James and Kevin Durant

When the all-star game between Lebron's and Curry's team commenced. It would be a 48-minute temporary truce on current rivalries.

LeBron is with Kyrie Irving which is in Boston Celtics, the number one team in the east that Cavs is trying to chase. What's even better is he'll be playing with Kevin Durant which contests his title as the greatest player of this era.

Another ironic team up is the Harden, Curry duo. Rockets and Warriors always go head to head each and every time they cross paths but now it ceases, temporarily at least.

The all-star game would be a phenomenal battle of rivalries. What would happen if two players who compete with each other team up? Who'll be the better duo this coming all-star game?

Harden and Steph Curry would be an ultra-dangerous combination on the outside. One man isn't enough to stop their threes when they aren't together. In fact, they could not even get a hold of each other. Who could stop them if they're on the same team?

It would be a dunking session for LeBron and Durant. It would be spectacular to see these two dish out assists to each other for astounding finishes to the basket. It would just be like a Wade James tandem but an all new and an even improved version.

Who'll be these duo's third man?

Of course, it is Kyrie Irving to back up LeBron and KD on this brawl. In fact, he'll most likely be the playmaker for both of these two. It's just up to Durant and LeBron on how to finish every last drop of their plays.

For Curry and Harden, the Greek Freak is in the house. Giannis is also an unstoppable scoring machine and is a great match against KD and LeBron. KD and Lebron may have the advantage over the one man Giannis but Steph and Harden would prevail over Kyrie alone on the small line up. Basically, it is a perfect balance.

A battle between the unstoppable players. Nobody could stop anybody. It's just a matter of whose performance is higher. Who's combination blend better?



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