6 Rizal athletes, 4 Quezon fighters to represent CALABARZON in Palarong Pambansa


Rizal Province dominated the 2018 Regional Sports Competition in Wushu Sanda (combat) Secondary division held at Dapdapan Elementary School, San Pablo City, Feb. 13. The early favorite Rizal province flexed its athletic muscle in the said competition. With chants of ‘Go Rizal’ on one side and Go ‘Laguna’ on the other side, teammates cheer for their respective provinces in the heated match ups.

Rizal’s F. M. Fermato won against J. Merida of Quezon in a draw, where the committee selected the winner on who has the lesser weight in their Group B female 42 kg. division. Rizal’s K. Maternal punished Quezon’s J. Santonia and won via a surrender. Quezon’s CJ Abragon defeated Laguna’s M. Beato with a 2-0 win. Rizal’s J. Masujer defeated Laguna’s N.Gadbilao via 2nd rounder unanimous decision. Rizal’s Y.S. Satoi defeated Cavite’s N. Bautista, 2-0.

Quezon’s J. L. Lanaza defeated Laguna’s E. Pedragoza, 2-0. Rizal’s M.J. Magistrado, who is the lone Palarong Pambansa remnant from last year, defeated M. Hiyan of Quezon, giving him a second trip to the national competition. Rizal’s Q.K. Diego defeated Laguna’s D. Mosenabre via a dead heat 3-rounder draw that went on to a crucial decision. Diego won over Mosenabre because of lesser violations counted. Quezon’s J.L Cauilan defeated Rizal’s J. Magistrado, 2-0. Quezon’s R. Moreno won over Rizal’s C.J. Manalo by default because of shoulder injury.

“Ituloy lang nila yung nasimulan nila. Huwag kalimutan na magtiwala kay God at siyempre sa kakayahan din nila.” said coach Jeverlyn Rivera who had guided the student-athletes from their hometown on their way now to Palarong Pambansa dream.

(Paolo Manuel C. Fule) 

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