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Let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Pow, I am the owner and founder of Powcast.net. I am a Business Development Manager by profession. Powcast is my passion project. I am a sports fan, I love playing and watching basketball, I do boxing and look forward to trying other martial arts. On the side, I also do sports hosting and commentating, make me your last option. That's me in a nutshell. If you want to learn more see my profile below:

Now that you know who I am, let me tell you more about Powcast.net Sports Hub. It's a sports blog and community that I started back May 2010, yes we have come a long way. I started this blog all by myself and now we are 50 men and women strong. We write about all kinds of sports, mostly basketball, boxing and MMA but we are also certainly interested to learn more about other sports. We attend different sports events, especially when we get an invite. So if you have a sports event, invite us over, too!

We are an accredited media of PBA, UAAP, URCC, UFC, One Championship, Elorde among others. Let me get this straight, however, we are not your traditional media. We obviously do not want to be like them, not that it's wrong but we want to do things differently.  We won't tell you on this post but if you follow us, you will figure out who we really are.  We are starting with this website, creating a community, helping promote events, selling sports merchandise, etc. Today we conquer Manila tomorrow the Universe. ( haha, our evil plan)

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Most people don't know what they want so we approach things differently. We do traditional banner ads, website, graphic designs, social media, surveys, reviews, press releases and a lot more. We know that not all of them will fit what you need or what you want to achieve, so the best way to really find out is to set up a brief scoping and exploratory call.  

( Call me here noww - 0917- 681- 8692 or send me an email at inquiry@powcast.net)

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We actually get about half million views per month and we guarantee it will grow further, especially now that you will be supporting us. Check out our live stats on the side bar-->

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Come to think of it, just send us an email at inquiry@powcast.net or call us at +63917-681-8692.