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Ben Askren VS Luis Santos II - ONE Championship Pride of Lions

Ben Askren VS Luis Santos II - ONE Championship Pride of Lions

Askren  vs  Santos II is happening on November 13,2015 in the Singapore Indoor stadium.  MMA fans worldwide have been waiting for this rematch since the inconclusive first fight that happened in Manila.  Everyone in attendance during their first fight was left unsatisfied. The fight ended in a no-contest due to an in-advertent eye poke, only 2 minutes into the first round.
Both camps have their version of the controversial first matchup. Askren is saying that he was just about to turn things around when Santos looked for a way out.  Those that agree with Askren would argue that a “True Fighter” would have continued to fight, especially considering that the ONE Championship welterweight world title was on the line.  Santos’ camp says that their fighter wanted to continue but he just physically could not because of the severity of his injury.  They argue that Santos was dominating the fight and would have finished Askren if not for the eye poke. 

I was lucky enough to be in attendance for this ONE Championship title match in Manila but I can’t tell you which camp is correct.  Here are some facts that would hopefully help you come up with your own assessment of the situation:
  • In the two minutes of their fight Luis Santos was able to stuff and reverse every single takedown attempt by Ben Askren (about 8 or 9 in total).
  • In the first two minutes of their fight Luis Santos landed more strikes than Ben Askren
  • Closer to the two minute mark Luis Santos did at one point look like he was breathing hard (maybe a sign of wearing down)
  • After the fight the doctor’s did confirm that Luis Santos’ cornea was scratched.  Reports say Santos was unable to train for about a month and a half.
  • Last fact... title fights last much longer than 2 minutes and anything can happen in a fight.

There are infinite amount of variables that can determine the outcome of an MMA fight.  The things that happened during their first fight won’t necessarily dictate the outcome of the rematch but I think it would at least help fans decide who to root for!



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