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Experiencing The First Manila Great Run

The Finisher Medal for the Individual Competition

There's a first for everything. A first for new challenges, new twists, and new distances. In this case, the Manila Great Run.

The first ever Manila Great Run: Duo Road Race Challenge happened on June 12, 2016, at Filinvest City. For a run, it was unique for its kind. Setting apart the Manila Great Run from other events is its new challenge for runners. It involves two legs, and you can choose whether you run those two legs by yourself (Individual Competition) or with a partner (Team Competition. In between legs, runners will get to experience a recovery break.

The experience was a first for me, as well as for the thousands of runners who joined the run. The event was early, and I needed something to boost me up and I was serious about drinking tea. See more here ( janeskitchenmiracles.com )

By 4:30 am, most runners had arrived on the grounds of Filinvest. The grounds were full of tents for media, drink, and brand sponsors. Our very own Powcast had a tent in the grounds, for the writers and photographers that participated in the run. Runners flocked to the starting line as the gun time drew nearer. The Individual and Team competitors began their 10k first leg at 5:00.
The road was teeming with variety. There was an abundance of gear riddled runners, old runners, and the veterans who want to challenge their speed. In the road, there were definitely stand-out runners that I noticed. These two African guys seemed to zoom past all the runners on all the turns. There was a man that ran barefoot, on pavement no less. And lastly, there were two Indian guys that made fun of each others speed. Only a few teenagers were present, though.
As I went past the finish line, I received hydration and a lootbag from multiple sponsors. I proceeded to the recovery area and received therapy from "A Game", Manila Great Run's recovery partner. This recovery session is one factor that set apart Manila Great Run. It provides relief for runners before they run another 5k.
As the running went on, a few stops were made at the water stations. Hydration booths provided by Pocari Sweat and Maynilad were present every few kilometers. Soon, I had finished the run at 58 minutes, which was a surprise. I expected a 1:10 from myself, but all runners can agree that less time is better.

                                                    After the 10k leg, at the Filinvest Grounds
The second and final leg began at 7:00 am for the Individual Competition, and ten minutes later for the Team Competition. It was a usual thirty-minute run, in which after I crossed the finish line and was greeted by photographers from different blogs and media. Soon after, freebies were grabbed. Finisher medals, finisher shirts, and pictures were taken.
It was an experience in the first, and I'm sure myself and many others would like to experience it the second time it comes around.



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