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Here's Why Lebron Can't Handle KD This Season

Starting off with a discussion on the Bball Breakdown Podcast on the Cavaliers dealing with Kevin Durant 02:00 - Javale Mcgee and Warriors goofing around 
03:49 - Stephen Curry won't participate in the All Star 3-point contest 

Lebron's record is exceptionally good compared to Kevin Durant's. James is 14 to 4 against KD, but we don't know how much longer that will last. 

Right now KD is the best AND seemingly most open player at the Golden State. Curry and Thompson were already a handful on top of the rest of a team that was fully capable of executing when needed, add the league's best scorer to the mix... 

The Cavaliers simply don't have anyone to stop him right now, because the only guy on the team that can do it is too busy doing everything else. Following that up with some Warriors goofiness, unsurprisingly coming from Javale Mcgee and finishing things off with Stephen Curry explaining why he won't participate in the All Star 3 point shooting contest this year.

youtube video by: NBA Skyline



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