Gallant in Defeat: We Might Have Seen the Last of Wladimir

41-year-old Wladimir Klitschko lost. Not exactly what he was hoping for but the long time champion shows due respect and class after losing to the better man.

Klitschko held the International Boxing Organization World Heavyweight, WBA Super World Heavyweight, IBF World Heavyweight and the  WBO World Heavyweight champion during the span of his career. He has accomplished a lot that some boxers only dreamed of.

But tonight in the twilight of his career we might have already seen the best of him as he bowed down to the new champion in the block.  He might still continue to fight just to end on a winning note but this could be the last iconic fight of his career as he is not getting any younger and it might be that time to hang it up.

Nonetheless, Wladimir is one of the greatest boxers and a true sportsman, a gentleman inside and outside the ring.