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Harden and Westbrook for the MVP Conversation

There are a number of players to be considered as MVP this year but for us it's just between the two former Oklahoma players. Who do you think would win the MVP?

Watch the video below by NBA Skyline.

00:06 - Are Westbrook's recent achievements just random or is there something behind it all + his MVP case
02:08 - James Harden confident that HE is the MVP
04:28 - Russell right after cementing his name in history
09:02 - KD on losing his mind throughout his recovery

I'm lost for words this time, hard to come up with a description of what happened last night...
Russell Westbrook cemented his name in history whether you like the way he plays or not and let's be honest we 
knew this was coming after the game in Phoenix where the Suns openly admitted to doing everything they could to bar him from achieving the record. 
In the end they did him a favor, getting a record and losing the game don't do much for a player's legacy (*cough*Booker*cough) and Russell knows that, that's why he...well you know what happened next.

James Harden has been very cool with Westbrook's achievements so far, but after being caught with some tough questions postgame - without wanting to go into too much detail - he confidently thinks that HE is the MVP and getting stats don't mean anything unless you win. Luckily we get a Houston-OKC matchup in the first round of the playoffs, so we will get to see who can get the Ws.

Finishing the video off with some Durant footage from his pregame press conference - he talks about how frustrating it was to have basketball "taken away" from him and how he managed to get through it.

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