Cavs Regain Dominance in the Series Behind Exemplary Performance from Kyrie

In the first half, Boston seemed to have picked up what they have left off last game when they pulled an upset against the heavy favorite Cavs to keep the series close to 2 -1. 

In the second half, however, Bostons' luck may have ran out and as the Cavs pressed the boost button in the 3rd quarter to score a whopping 40 points that spelled doom for the undermanned Celtics. 

The Celtics, behind team efforts could not find an answer as LeBron was back in game form scoring 34 points, after a lackluster performance in game 3. 

The Cavs never look back and cruised to a game 4 victory.

The player of the night is Kyrie Irving who was a man possessed scoring 42 points on a 15 out of 22 shooting that included a number of highlight reels.

The Cavs regained back the dominance and is just one win away to advancing to the NBA finals and meeting their old rival, The Golden State Warriors in what could be an epic rematch of super teams.

(courtesy: youtube/Highlight Heaven)