D'Angelo Russell is Going To Brooklyn for Brook Lopez Expiring Contract to Open Up a Space for PG13 and LeBron

Magic Johnson, the current basketball of operations of the Los Angeles Lakers is true to his word when he said that only and only Brandon Ingram is safe from being traded.

The 2015 2nd overall pick apparently isn't who the Lakers is looking for as they now braced for his replacement this year.

Another 2nd overall pick is on the horizon and it is looking like Lonzo Ball will be that person.

And since you practically will get the point guard Lakers wanted, there is no sense of keeping another.

The recent move of the Los Angeles Lakers to trade away D'Angelo Russell and Timothy Mozgov is clearly a salary cap clearing move to make way for their big push in the upcoming 2018 free agency season that could land them two potential superstars with the name of Paul George and LeBron James.

Brooklyn was the chosen destination. The Nets was willing to absorb the contract of  worth about $54 from  the Lakers in exchange for Brook Lopez expiring contract.

Lakers also receives 27th pick of this year's rookie draft.