Steph Curry Wants To be Like Iverson, Durant Doesn't Not Remember Staring at Rihanna

After emphatically winning game 1, both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry face the media to answer questions about game 1. Discusses about moments in the game and a few interesting topics. 

Watch below!

0:00 - KD on Looking at Rihanna

1:16 - KD on Matchup Against LeBron James

2:01 - Steph on Taking Lead in Series to Start

3:14 - KD on Getting Dunks

4:32 - Steph on Ditching the Shooting Sleeve, Wanting to Be Like Iverson

5:04 - Steph on Taking Games One at a Time

6:07 - KD on Taking in the Finals Moment

7:11 - Steph On Warriors Only Having 4 Turnovers

8:30 - Steph on Watching KD vs. LeBron

9:24 - KD on Cavs' Defense