Wow! Dwight Howards Realtor Predicted the Future! Has Found him a new Home in Charlotte since February

We know that this is just a made up video to make fun of Dwight Howard but boy they were right on target to chose Charlotte as an example of a location for Dwight Howard.

What a premonition! I wonder if Dwight Howard saw this video.

When Dwight Howard demands a trade, this guy has to find him a new house.

Dwight Howard is known for becoming unhappy on his team and demanding a trade. But what happens if you're his realtor?

Meet Ben. He's the guy responsible for finding Dwight Howard a house every time he's looking at new teams. In this edition of “Hardest Jobs In Sports”, we explore what it’s like to have to find new real estate every time Dwight Howard demands a trade, leaves in free agency, or just becomes discontent and starts mulling a new team and city. Which happens every few weeks.