Cleveland's Half Baked Move Acquiring Jeff Green, Melo is Next?

Cleveland getting another veteran for a bargain price. Jeff Green and the Cleveland Cavaliers agree on a 1-year, $2.3M deal.

The 30 year old veteran whose last year's average is 9 points per game in 22 minutes of play still got a lot of game left. Green has always been a scorer his entire career. If given playing time, he can still light up the scoreboard. The 6'9 veteran can play the 3 spot as a backup for LeBron and can also be a power forward.

The Cavaliers was not getting the production they needed from their big men in the finals more specifically from Kevin Love hence acquiring a scorer in Jeff Green and while the Cleveland has not made any big move yet, I am almost positive that Kevin Love may be on the verge of being traded away to another team.

Carmelo Anthony  is the biggest name rumored to be coming in, and with the no trade clause finally out of the question, there is a big potential that the two teams are already working out a deal.