Kyrie Irving Trade Request is Just a Plot to get Melo and Stop LeBron from going to Los Angeles

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving Could be Playing us all along

This is absurd. Hard to imagine Kyrie Irving going to the Lakers especially when they got a talented young rookie in Lonzo Ball but don't say we didn't warn you. 

Stories like these is the new soap opera for men,  boys who follow NBA basketball even if they are not actually playing inside the court. NBA player movements have been running around the internet and tingling the minds of basketball fans.  The off-season is nothing less than exciting as teams and players make bold statements and movements after another some of which shocked the league. But behind all of these moves could be bigger moves behind it, as players have become more and more in control of their careers and situations.  I am smelling a rat in the kitchen and the Kyrie Irving situation could be just a play for the Cavs.

We all know that Kyrie Irving wants to go out of the Cleveland Cavaliers and rumors has it that it's because he does not want to play along side LeBron James anymore.  It's hard to imagine that  Kyrie or any players in the NBA doesn't want to play along side a great player like LeBron. Playing along side James is an automatic clinch to the finals and an opportunity to get a crack at the championship trophy.  Who does not want that?

We are seeing a conspiracy

What if both players have been playing us all along and they have bigger plans that's beyond us. What if the two players are just making a statement so that the Cleveland Cavaliers who has been sleeping in the free agency would make a big move to help the team be better next year.

They have not really made any progress in acquiring Carmelo Anthony and maybe this would scare the Cavs into making that move a reality or else they might see not one but two players move out of Cleveland.

Whether there is a truth  to the situation or not, the off season has not disappointed anyone yet and the upcoming NBA season will certainly be unpredictable, or has it?

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