It's Crazy! 3 on 3 Fight and Celebrity Matches: Is URCC Becoming WWE or is it Just Innovating?

URCC Stronghold, continues to be the most exciting MMA promotion in the Philippines

URCC Still the most Exciting MMA Promotion in Asia

URCC is Evolving, innovating and adapting to market demands and trends

I have no reservations when I say URCC is the best and the most exciting local MMA promotion in the Philippines today. 

I have personally watched other MMA promotions and while they all have unique selling points, URCC seems to hold the most unique distinction among others. It's the promotion that has been the most appealing to wider local fans and has kept its culture and its intimate relationship with its followers.

URCC seemed to always have an interesting and great story lines each event which makes the fight more personal not just for the fighters and teams but also for the fans.  It engages everyone in a discussion and makes it more fun to watch.


Alvin Aguilar has mentioned in the past that one of the reasons why the promotion was created is to be an avenue for people to settle their differences, instead of brawling in public. That vision has grown up from that concept to now creating one of the best professional MMA events and developing world class fighters. Today, Alvin Aguilar's URCC has stayed and has survived all challenges internally and externally and has become the only standing professional MMA promotion based in the Philippines.

On August 12, 2017, URCC will continue its dominance as it returns on one of the most legendary arenas of all-time, the Araneta Coliseum, along with our PARTNER, Red Horse Beer (San Miguel Corporation ).

URCC has put together a very interesting and somewhat controversial fight card as it once again features a celebrity fight with Actor Kiko Matos taking on Bill Jack Sanchez who was recently discovered on social media and another 3 on 3 fights.

Kiko Matos vs Bill Jack Sanchez will engage fans but don't expect anything else.

We know both fighters have been training for awhile now but we also know that they probably won't give us too much of a good fight, rather they will become an appetizer of the night to engage fans and keep the atmosphere alive throughout the night. We have no doubts that the two have some fight left in them, like everyone else, and this is especially when they have a personal beef with each other. Remember what happened when Kiko Matos fought Baron Geisler? This will pretty much turn out the same.

URCC 3 on 3 Match, a step back in the evolution of fighting or is it an innovation on fight entertainment?

No matter how we look at it, the fight business is an entertainment business and a business that cannot attract fans or buyers will be out of business. Why do you think Floyd Mayweather is fighting Conor McGregor? Isn't it all about the fans and the money?

While hardcore fans would always have something negative to say, we know that they too would be watching the fight anyway. The same is the case with the 3 on 3 matches of URCC. I have heard a lot of negative feedbacks but let me guarantee you that these same people are the ones who have kept  and will keep on watching.

Personally, the first time I saw one, it was a shock and my blood started to rush as the fight became more heated. I can still remember that lethal back fist that Palomar delivered to his opponent. I can still feel the intensity of  Sugar Ray “The Mammoth” Estroso as he savagely engaged his opponent. His team prevailed that night.

This Saturday, Sugar Ray Estroso is once again back inside the cage together with his team and they will tackle Team Gatmaitan. This one is set to be another rumble inside the cage. Expect blood, expect knockouts and don't blink because this will be another epic showdown.

The Main Card 

URCC XXX will feature the second title defense of URCC's two-division Champion, Chris Hofmann of DEFTAC Philippines who will go up against Dragon Warrior MMA's, Robert Sothmann.

Then, on the Co-Main event, URCC Flyweight World Champion, Derrick Easterling will clash with URCC's #1 contender and Hitman MMA's, Jiar "The Twister" Castillo!

Including, the much-awaited return of Asian MMA Star, Mark "Mugen" Striegl inside the URCC cage, URCC Strawweight Champion, Fritz "Kid Tornado" Biagtan, URCC Featherweight Champion, Do Gyeom Lee and the 3 vs 3 Team Championship... PLUS, MANY MORE!!!


What do you think of URCC XXX Event?

URCC is the best
I am Excited
3 vs 3 is a good idea
3 vs 3 is a bad Idea
Kiko Matos vs Bill Jack will be a good fight
Kiko Matos vs Bill Jack Sucks
Lame Event
Not Watching
Not Interested
I don't care
Looking forward to watch Chris Hofmann vs. Roberth Sothmann
Looking forward to watch Jiar Castillo vs. Derrick Easterling
Looking forward to watch Jojo Orao vs. Do Gyeom Lee
Looking forward to watch Solomon Dultra vs. Fritz Biagtan
Looking forward to watch Mark Palomar vs. Caloy Baduria
Looking forward to watch Andrew Benibe vs. Mark Striegl
Looking forward to watch Jet Hermida vs. John Adajar
Looking forward to watch Nilo Vidal vs. Ernesto Montilla Jr
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