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Why do you Think Jeff Chan Was Traded for Mark Borboran?

Jeff Chan traded for Mark Borboran in a shocker move that suprised the players

Why do you think Jeff Chan was traded for Mark Borboran?

Rain or Shine Moving Clearly Thinking About the Future When They Traded Jeff Chan

Why else would a team trade you after a long colorful and successful stint with them?

It could be either you are already past your prime,  no longer productive, they want another player and they see you as a dispensable pawn or they are opening cap space are among the different reasons. With the case of Jeff Chan, we are not really certain of the exact reason why they would trade him for a 35-year-old Mark Borboran whose only best year was when he was averaging 5 points per game with NLEX back in 2014-2015 season.

Mark Borboran is clearly not within the same level of 5-time PBA All-Star, a 2013 All-Star Game MVP, a 2012 Second Mythical Team member a, 2012 Most Improved Player, a Gilas Player and one of the most popular players today.

To be traded is quite normal for players especially when a team is looking for a different direction and they see the player as unfit in the future. Rain or Shine have been changing a lot from their roster since Coach Yeng Guiao separated from Rain or Shine.

Jeff Chan is shocked but is okay, he also mentioned he is excited for a fresh start with Phoenix.

Chan at 33 years old should be surprised not only because he was traded but to be replaced by a 35-year-old Mark Borboran who is averaging just half of his career points average clearly shows how a team currently values its player.

At least Rain or Shine has a second round pick in the trade. Rain or Shine is clearly looking at the future and maybe preparing to rebuild a new generation of players for ROS.

The trade could benefit Phoenix who will now have a combination of two sharp shooting wingman in Matthew Wright and the newly acquired Jeff Chan.  If Phoenix can figure out a way on how the two would work together, then Phoenix will have one of the deadliest back courts today in the PBA with the two shooters teaming up.

Only time will tell if Jeff Chan still has a few more ammo in his left sharp shooting hands?

Who won the trade?

Rain or Shine



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