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Ball Scrutiny: 3 Awful Reasons Behind the Warriors’ 1-point Loss Against Rockets

James Harden taking on Stephen Curry's defense

It was a very close game between the rivalry of Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. Warriors ended up with a sorrowful defeat, 122-121.

The Golden State Warriors seemed to be in control of the game. It is somewhat true because they managed to outscore Rockets in the first 3 quarters yet ended up in a very disappointing defeat. So what is the foul reason why the Warriors lost?

1 – Rockets had more ball possessions

Looking at the score, it may seems to be a very tough match all throughout but if we read between the lines, we’ll see that the Rockets had a stronger control of the pace of the game, they had more ball possessions than that of the warriors, thus they evidently had more chances of taking and making shots. Rockets had 97 attempts to the hoop in contrast to the Warriors with just 80. Regardless of how many of the shots were made, whoever took the most shots is sure to take control of the game because they control another factor which is the 2nd reason why the Warriors lost.

2 – No Warriors in the paint?

There’s only one key to have more possessions than your opponent, secure rebounds which were done by the Rockets with full effort. They ousted the Warriors in the battle for the boards 53-42. Warriors obviously lost in the clash under the rim, Rockets thwarted their inside production 54 compared to them with just 32 total points in the paint.

The Warriors, having a line up mostly shooters will lead to a weak interior both offensively and defensively. Thus, Rockets will have easier looks to take higher percentage shots.

3 - Failure to pass through the defense

Yes, the Warriors scored high, but did they really score by beating and outsmarting Rockets’ defense? They scored most of their points not with full plays through the inside but from outside shots and transition baskets, Warriors can only score by not tackling the full form of Rockets’ defense and thus they lost the game when the Rockets changed the pace of the game from fast to slow.

Warriors need not be very comfortable; their unbeatable lineup can still be beaten by impeccable plays and tight defense. Rockets avenge their loss two seasons ago, but it is just the start of this seasons’ long story. A regular season game would not be enough to satisfy this rivalry, watch out for more action-packed menace when they meet again in the regular season and hopefully in the playoffs. 



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