Ball Scrutiny: Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving, Who's More Special?

The arising point guards of this generation, who is the better one? And what makes him more special than the other?

Kyrie Irving versus Stephen Curry (photo courtesy

Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry Similarly Different

They both have the dribbling skills, the crossover threat, both can shoot from the outside, dish out good plays, penetrate and carry the team with their hassle. It's undeniable that they have ‘similar’ skills. But remember, even in geometry, ‘similarity’ doesn’t mean ‘congruency’ they may both be in the same form but with different intensities and impact of such skills. 

I  know you guys can’t wait to have a glimpse on these two being put vis-à-vis, so here we go.

Kyrie's Fiery Start 

Steph Curry had a head start of two years – two seasons against Kyrie Irving yet, their debut in the NBA league is far different, Kyrie Irving started with a blast bagging the rookie of the year award, which Steph hadn’t achieved during his first season. Kyrie Irving surely got the attention of the majority with the smoothness of the flow of his drives made possible by extraordinary ball-handling skills.

Steph's Late Full Bloom

But it was just a fiery start for Kyrie. On the other hand, Stephen Curry may have bloomed a bit late yet it is evident that his career sparks way brighter than Kyrie’s as of now. In terms of lifetime points, Steph thwarted Irving 13088 – 8232. In fact, Stephen Curry outscored Kyrie in everything except blocks which Kyrie had a slim lead 126-121. Curry nearly doubled up Kyrie’s performance in getting boards 2502-1290.


Of all these numbers, as a point guard, the most vital stat is the assists, it will determine your efficiency to yield excellent plays for your team. Better plays lead to a better coordination, thus a better game and eventually a victory. This may also dramatically spell the difference between the two point guards being ‘closely’ compared. Curry has 3917 total assists while Kyrie only has 2115. To give an even better comparison, let us have a look on their average assists per game. Still, Curry was more efficient with 6.8 assists compared to Kyrie’s 5.6.

Presence in the Game 

Despite the relatively huge gap between the performances of the two favorite point guards of this generation. Stats still do not fully tell the effectiveness of the player, sometimes though one may not score or do anything, his presence is a huge factor in the flow of the game. Nevertheless, it’s too early for Kyrie to throw in the towel, he already had proven something. He’s a no ordinary guard. In fact, he would not be compared to Curry if he’s not one of the best the league has as of now.

Regardless of whoever is better, the game will always be about who’s team will be the last man standing. The team that would win the championship will determine who’ll be the best leader this season. Regardless of stats.

More actions to come whenever and wherever these two fierce warriors come to go and cast disturbance against each other’s side.

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