Champions: Not The Dubs, Not the Cavs, It is ‘THEM’

Celtics Fans Cheering

Who’s ‘them’?

With this era being conquered by few prodigies like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook; the world sees that their teams owned the league as if the every arena belongs to their empire. But the question is who the real conqueror is? Who reigned the most frequent?

Not just once, not twice or thrice but 17 times.

It is neither the Golden State Warriors nor the Cleveland Cavaliers. These two most prominent teams of the current time were far from what this team’s done ever since the league was born. This team won 17 NBA Titles throughout the history and up to now, they are still sitting on the upper portion of the league -- The Boston Celtics.

Though the Boston Celtics still are one of the best in the league, they are completely out of the spotlight due to the rivalry of the Cavs and the Dubs. The Boston Celtics could not pass through Lebron James and be back in the finals. The team is experiencing an endless drought since they tasted sweet championship victory way back 2008, and that was 9 long years ago.

Celtics reborn

Kyrie Irving will surely make a huge difference in the form of the Boston Celtics. He is the main point guard, the director of plays, the flow controller, and pace changer. He won his first championship with LeBron in the Cavs. Now he had grown, it’s his turn to carry his own team against LeBron James and whoever wins in the west. And that way, the Celtics may be recognized once again, and their legacy in the league would be revived.

How about the Bulls?

Chicago Bulls, a team name that’s inseparable with the name ‘Michael Jordan’ is very historical, winning 6 championships in 8 years. But that long Jordan era was all that the Bulls had. They won 6 championships with Michael and as of now, they have 6 in total. Jordan is the greatest player yet the Celtics were so far the greatest team.

Who trails behind the Boston Celtics?

Throughout the history, only 5 teams managed to win championships more than 3 times. Celtics, next to them is the Los Angeles Lakers with 16 titles, on the 3rd spot are the Bulls, and tied on the 4th rank are the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors.

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