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Bouncy Thoughts: Celtics, Warriors Sharing the Same Fate?

Kyrie Irving Attacks Draymond Green

Both on top for a relatively long period of time this season.

Both suddenly fell short before the all-star break.

Was it just coincidence? Or other huge phenomena are bound to happen in the latter part of the season?

These two squads dominated their respective conferences for a long time this season. Celtics may have started at 0-2 but then exploded 16-2 to thrust and stick themselves on the eastern top, snatching the spotlight away from the All-in Cavs which happened to be not so scary as expected.

As the Boston Celtics thwarted each and every team in the east, the Golden State Warriors also had a great start and stayed on top for so long. The defending champs proved themselves every single game. Their competitor, Houston Rockets were on the chase all the time but then fell into the pit after losing 5 straight times, 3 of which Harden scored 50+ points.

It seemed that they would be seeded on top 'til the playoffs but before the all-star break, both conquerors have fallen.

The Toronto Raptors slip passed Celtics while the Houston Rockets finally get ahead of the Dubs.

What happened days before the all-star break?

Celtics are now on their 3rd straight defeat after being beaten by the Indiana Pacers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Los Angeles Clippers. Before this happened, they were tied with the Raptors in terms of losses and guess what, it's the Raptors who successfully established themselves, at least for now.

Meanwhile, the Dubs aren't that far from Rockets, down a solitary defeat. Nevertheless, they are still at no. 2 spot after losing against Portland Trail Blazers.

Now, just one good point. If they share almost the same fate, would that mean they'll meet in the championship? Well, perhaps. For the similar fate to be broken, one must fall in the championship at the maximum. It isn't deemed to be impossible because both teams are undeniably powerful despite being dethroned at least temporarily.

All things set aside, the standings don't matter that much unless you're near the cut off. What matters is making it to the playoffs and start the real war. 



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