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Beyond Defeat and Disappointments: Unraveling Philippine Boxing's Setbacks and Paving the Way to a Glorious Return

Jerwin Ancajas knockout by Takuma Inoue photo by Wendell Rupert Alinea

In the wake of the recent setbacks faced by two of our promising boxers, Jerwin Ancajas and Jonas Sultan, the air in the Philippine boxing scene is thick with disappointment. Yet, as the echoes of defeat linger, a spark of motivation fuels my desire to address the prevailing discussions within our boxing community. If you're reading this, you are my intended audience, and I believe there is a certain novelty and class in conveying stories through the written word, a respect I hold for those who prefer the art of sports journalism over the rampant wave of vlogging.

The old Omega Boxing Gym

Welcome to the Social Media Arena

I won't shy away from admitting my involvement in the chaos of social media; as one of its pioneers, I embraced the new media wholeheartedly. Social media granted me a powerful voice from its inception, shaping the narrative of our daily lives, including the realm of sports. However, with the positives, the negatives emerged, and the recent frustrations within the Philippine boxing community highlight the darker side of online discourse.

In an era dominated by social media and the rise of sports vlogging, every comment, irrespective of its source, finds a platform. This amplification of small voices, even those lacking knowledge of the sport, contributes to a cacophony of opinions. Amidst this, genuine concerns get drowned out by the algorithm that often favors sensationalism over substance.

Choosing the written word over video content, I aim to dispel any notion that my motives are driven by views; my commitment lies in genuinely caring about the sport.

Pow Salud host nightly Sports Podcast
Pow Salud host of Powcast Sports Podcast

Philippine Boxing: A Momentary Setback

In my years covering boxing both locally and internationally, coupled with extensive conversations with boxing stakeholders, it's evident that Filipino boxing remains among the world's elite. However, boxing isn't confined to the ring; intricate business strategies play a vital role. Not all Filipino boxers are given the opportunity to showcase their skills at the right time, akin to a fruit that can't be forced to ripen prematurely. Like diamonds in the rough, Filipino boxers need nurturing and the right opportunities to shine.

It's not a matter of being left behind; it's simply not our time. As Japan enjoys its moment, we must evolve, embracing new innovations. While traditionalists exist in boxing, there are also modern stakeholders who understand the sport's evolution.

MP Promotions Boxing event in Davao 

Embracing Change: Beyond Courage and Strength

In boxing, as in life, relying solely on courage and strength isn't enough. We survived as a species due to our ingenuity and innovation, outlasting stronger adversaries. Similarly, boxing must adapt to survive and thrive, utilizing tools beyond brute force.

Identifying Issues: The Blame Game

The boxing community engages in debates about various issues, from training methods and stamina to facilities and cultural aspects. The blame game persists, and the issues are omnipresent. Solutions, however, demand sacrifice. Boxers must train diligently, promoters must showcase the best fights, and fans must actively support. To break the cycle, someone must make the first move, demonstrating the courage to step into the ring.

Philippine Passion: A Double-Edged Sword

While fans passionately express their opinions, their sometimes misguided comments reflect our culture. Filipinos are emotional, passionate supporters of the underdog, influenced by a culture that immerses itself in drama. Acknowledging these traits, let's not lose faith in each other. The interest in Philippine boxing remains, and fans still yearn for more.

PMI Boxing event in Bohol

Moving Forward: A Call to Action

In a conversation with legendary referee Tony Weeks, I asked what makes boxing great and when we might see it regain its prominence. His response was simple: the boxers and the great matches. Boxing may ebb and flow, but it endures. With hope in my heart, I believe that although Philippine boxing is currently on the canvas, we can rise again. Like a classic Fernando Poe Jr. movie, we let our opponents take the lead, only to rise victoriously in the end.

Philippine boxing will ascend to the pinnacle once more – not today, not tomorrow, but as long as we continue to fight and support, that day will come.

I am Pow Salud, an unwavering supporter of the sport.

Pow Salud with Boxers
Pow Salud with ARQ Boxers


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