The experts have spoken, chosing Miguel Cotto to dethrone Yuri Foreman, 7-6

Below you will see the prediction of the experts of Boxing, but let me put in my prediction. If Cotto fight the same way as he fight Pacquiao, I believe it will be another stoppage or knock out in the making. I am picking Yuri Foreman to win before the 12 round. but don't count on it.

here are the real prediction from the real experts


They are both 29 years old, but most believe that there is more significant wear and tear on challenger Miguel Cotto (pictured above) than there is on WBA junior middleweight (154 pounds) champion Yuri Foreman.

Cotto (34-2, 27 knockouts) will try to dethrone Foreman in Saturday night's HBO-televised bout from Yankees Stadium.

Here's what those in the boxing media think about Saturday's bout:

Bob Canobbio, CompuBox, Inc.:
Miguel Cotto W 12 Yuri Foreman: I like Cotto by close, maybe controversial decision. He's moving up in weight, coming off a bad loss to Pacquiao. Foreman's a natural junior middleweight who can navigate his way around the ring and punch effectively -- not hard, but effectively.

Cotto will come forward all night, not respecting Foreman's punching power at all -- and he shouldn't. Foreman only throws in the the mid-50's as far as punches per round, so the question is: Will he throw enough to win the close rounds, while Cotto comes forward all night, impressing the judges?

Scott Crouse, Co-Host Ballroom Boxing Report, Baltimore's ESPN Radio 1300AM:
Miguel Cotto W 12 Yuri Foreman: I'm tempted to pick the upset in this one. But as I look at Foreman's record, I don't see anyone close to Miguel Cotto's overall package of talent, physical strength, and ability to apply serious pressure.
Foreman is capable of winning by stinking out Yankee Stadium with an elusive hit-and-run style, but Cotto's not the kind of fighter to simply follow him around the ring and let that happen. I think that this fight bears resemblance to Cotto's fight with Paulie Malignaggi.

Even though Foreman's a bigger fighter than Paulie, and Cotto is four years older, he proved then that he could cut off the ring and hunt down a slick, hit-and-run stylist who doesn't have a lot of power to keep him away. Foreman will be a more difficult challenge, and if Cotto doesn't have the legs to keep up he'll lose.

And the fans would also lose in that case, by the way. Cotto is still one of the best body punchers in the sport, and I think that will be the key to eventually slowing Foreman down enough to land more of his power shots in the mid-to-late rounds, and to possibly even hurt Foreman.

It'll be enough to win the title on a close decision. So my pick is Cotto, by 12-round decision.

Steve Farhood, Showtime boxing analyst:
Yuri Foreman W 12 Miguel Cotto: I like Foreman in a mild upset. He's bigger than Cotto, much quicker, and closer to his prime. I don't think that he's the fighter that Cotto is, but he might be getting this matchup at the perfect time.

Foreman didn't move all that much in winning the title from Daniel Santos. He'll return to his old ways at Yankee Stadium, moving left and right, keeping the fight outside, and minimizing the exchanges.

Foreman by close 12-round decision.

Norm Frauenheim, :
Miguel Cotto UD 12 Yuri Foreman: If there is a good comeback looming in any of today's fighters, it figures to be within Miguel Cotto, who is likeable for an evident toughness that says he isn't done. The guess here is that Cotto's comeback begins Saturday night against Yuri Foreman at Yankee Stadium.

Cotto won't be swinging for the fences. A solid effort is enough. If he can re-establish some of the fundamentals and balance that new trainer Emanuel Steward says he has been emphasizing, Cotto could recreate a chance at avenging his problematic loss to Antonio Margarito in a rematch.

There are multiple causes for Cotto to be concerned. The 5-foot-11 Foreman is the bigger man and at a more natural weight. The 5-7 Cotto will fight at 154 pounds for the first time. Then, there are the scars. Cotto, bloodied in a loss to Manny Pacquiao in his last bout, has been cut badly too often.

The scar tissue is a target. With a well-placed punch or an incidental head butt, Cotto could taste a bloody end to a brilliant career. But the light-hitting Foreman, who has only eight knockouts in his 28 fights, doesn't appear to possess enough power to really hurt him.

Meanwhile, a Cotto specialty, body punching, will take its toll, slowing down Foreman through a deliberate, patient 12 rounds.

Lee Harris, Co-Host of 'In the Corner' Boxing Podcast:
Yuri Foreman UD 12 Miguel Cotto: It pains me to make this prediction because Miguel Cotto is one of my favorite fighters. In addition, Foreman's style has never been very appealing to me from an entertainment perspective. But from recent performances, it seems that Cotto is quite probably damaged goods.

Cotto has lost two of his last four fights, with three of those bouts being especially taxing. Foreman, however, seems to be hitting his stride. Foreman looked impressive in winning the title over Daniel Santos in his most recent bout.

Foreman is four inches taller than Cotto, with a five-inch reach advantage. Foreman will know how to utilize these advantages. I think junior middleweight is a poor choice for Cotto to campaign in, and Foreman will make him realize this fact.

Cotto's legs seem shaky, and I question his ability to box a disciplined 12 rounds against a smart, crafty, boxer such as Foreman. Foreman will take few chances, content to outbox and befuddle the slower Cotto over the distance.

It won't be all that exciting, but I think Foreman has enough skill to defeat this version of Cotto, who has seen better days.

Kevin Iole,
Yuri Foreman W 12 Miguel Cotto: Yuri Foreman by decision. Foreman is not exciting, but he's an expert boxer with good range. He'll keep Cotto outside and frustrate him with his jab and elusiveness.

Steve Kim,

Yuri Foreman W 12 Miguel Cotto: I like Foreman by decision. I think he's the more natural 154-pounder and I don't know if Cotto has the foot speed to deal with his movement.

Michael Marley, National Boxing Examiner,
Yuri Foreman UD 12 Miguel Cotto:
Some called him Yuri Boreman. Looking back sardonically, the aspiring, perspiring rabbi to be and WBA 154 pound champ can laugh about that tag now. He's not sure who coined it, but says "It certainly wasn't a fan of mine."

Foreman made some fans, including many Filipinos, when he outpointed Daniel Santos for the title on the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto show. Fighting an older but still dangerous puncher, Foreman was crisp with his jab, elusive and entertaining most of the way.

They say winning a world title boosts any fighter. I say Foreman entertains again and wins a unanimous decision over the yes, still dangerous, but also, still fading Boricua Banger, Miguel Cotto.

The pick is Foreman UD 12 -- and don't be surprised if the light-hitting Foreman cuts Cotto. There's plenty of scar tissue to target there.

Kieran Mulvaney, ESPN.boxing and Reuters:
Yuri Foreman W 12 Miguel Cotto: Pound-for-pound, peak vs. peak, Miguel Cotto is a vastly better fighter than Yuri Foreman. Cotto is more naturally skilled, has shown impressive adapatability, and at his ferocious best, packed the kind of power in his heavy hands to make opponents wilt.

But I don't know if that Miguel Cotto is the one we will see in the ring on Saturday night. Three of Cotto's last four fights have been brutal affairs. Does he still have enough in his tank to do what he needs to do and what he used to do so well, which is slip under the taller Foreman's jab and rip him to the body?

Cotto, once a famed body puncher, has all but abandoned the body in recent bouts. But Cotto needs to rediscover the form and technique that took him to the top of the mountain if he is to have any hope of success against a much taller man.

Foreman is neither the relentless force of Antonio Margarito, the whirling dervish of power punches that is Manny Pacquiao, nor even the block of granite that is Joshua Clottey. But he is tall and capable, and all he needs to do is keep Cotto at a distance and do just enough to discourage the challenger from coming inside and digging to his ribcage.

Two years ago, I wouldn't have given Foreman a chance. Now, I think that he is catching Cotto at the right time. I think he will have enough to win on points in what may be a fairly lackluster contest.

Lance Pugmire, The Los Angeles Times:
Miguel Cotto W 12 Yuri Foreman: The punishment that Miguel Cotto has taken from Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao has been stark, but his toughness and skills remain strong enough to beat Yuri Foreman. I like Cotto by decision.

Joe Santoliquito, Managing Editor, Ring Magazine:
Miguel Cotto KO 7 Yuri Foreman: I just need to see more from Foreman to be convinced that he's a Cotto-caliber fighter. I don't think that we will see it against Cotto, whom I still believe has something left after taking some brutal beatings by Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao.

Apparently, Bob Arum doesn't agree with my assessment of Cotto. Why else do you think the Hall of Fame promoter is risking Foreman in with Cotto? Apparently because he doubts Cotto could beat him. I have no doubts: Cotto smashes Foreman.

But -- and it's a BIG BUT -- if Foreman does win impressively, this victory makes him a star.

Michael David Smith,
Miguel Cotto UD 12 Yuri Foreman: Miguel Cotto by unanimous decision. I believe Cotto is the superior boxer by a significant margin, and that the only question is whether Cotto can return to form after the beating that Manny Pacquiao put on him in his last fight.

I think Cotto can return, and that he'll beat Foreman in a decision that won't be very close.

Tim Smith, New York Daily News:
Miguel Cotto W 12 Yuri Foreman: You wonder just how much Miguel Cotto has left, even fighting at 154 pounds. Yuri Foreman fought a great match against Daniel Santos to win the title. But he's going to have to raise the level of his game to beat Cotto, who is a very good boxer.

It should be a close fight, but I see Cotto ekeing out a narrow decision. Cotto wins by 12 round decision.

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