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My take on Season of the Witch Movie and Nicolas Cage

by: Pow Salud

I am a big fan of Nicholas Cage and I watched all of his movies either in a movie house or at home. His recent movies however are not as commendable as it usually was.

The Season of the Witch movie where he played as a 14th-century knight crusader who was tasked to transport a suspected witch that is believed to have brought down a black plague to the people. He and the others must successfully reach the monastery where monks are waiting to cast an anti spell against the Witch black Plague, who apparently is not a Witch after all but a... 


 devil. A devil inside a girl, in which, in the end they had to perform an exorcism ritual, the twist of the story.

Sorry for spoiling it...

Nicolas Cage was dignified in some scenes however in most scenes it felt  like he was not portraying his role very adequately, he was just being him in a costume.  The movie however had brought some few scares but overall it is not enough for me to recommend it to a friend unless you are also a fan, then you should not miss it after all its not as bad as Bangkok Dangerous.



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