What Juan Manuel Marquez thinks about fighting Pacquiao for the fourth time

What Juan Manuel Marquez thinks about fight Pacquiao for the fourth time? We all know that this is the fight that he wants, he has been pursuing to get Manny Pacquiao on every fights that they had for the reason that all of them he felt that he won, but the decision was not in his favor. Now that Manny Pacquiao finally agreed to fight Marquez for the fourth time this guy is happy as ever. I always liked Juan Manuel Marquez as boxer, I know he is one of the greatest boxer out here and  I am definite that he will give Manny Pacquiao a harder time this time, he might even win this final bout. Check out an interview of Juan Manuel Marquez as he share how he feels about fighting Manny Pacquiao for the fourth time.

Do you think Juan Manuel Marquez will win this time?