PBA2K12 basketball game animation look nice!

PBA2K12 basketball game animation look nice, well it does! I know what most of you are thinking that PBA2K12 is a rip off from the original NBA2K12 basketball game of EA Games. Well that is fact and that is why the guys at Simon Production and #PBA2kTeam is not selling it. I guess they are doing it for fun, or is it that the guys at the PBA are financing this because this is one way of advertising their brands. I don't really know. I know however that you can download PBA2k12 game at the link below.

PBA2k12 game download link

PBA2K12 graphics and Animation are well edited, I am sure it took a lot of time for the guys at Simon Production to redefined the faces, uniforms, the court to have the feel and the likeness of the local PBA basketball league. PBA2K12 is however a testament that Pinoy Graphic artist and programmers are well verse in programing and the guys at Simon Production could pass their resume at EA games and other game development software company and would most probably get hired.

Anyways check out some Animation and highlights of the PBA2K12 Game!

What do you think about this game?

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