Pacquiao next opponent of Choice 2013?

Thinking of Manny Pacquiao's next fight!

Last year was not a good year for Manny Pacquiao, a lot of people is still in disbelief that Manny Pacquiao lost,  but come to think of it, I know some people would agree that Manny during that time could potentially lose to Marquez, he is really a good boxer. 

I think that we were really all shocked because he was knocked out cold by the 39 year-old warrior, the part when he could not stand up and was lying unconscious was really the unbelievable moment for all of us. It was not the loss but rather how he lost the fight, it was a crowd silencer and  definitely a heart breaker. 

Oh wait, I should talk about Manny Pacquiao next opponent on this post right? I should stop talking about his loss, I thought I said I am over it, but am I really?, let's just move on. Wit out further ado lets look at his options for next year.

1. Juan Manuel Marquez -  Now that the table has turned and that Manny Pacquiao is now the boxer who is looking to prove something, Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao will surely try to make this happen again. When everyone was thinking nothing different was going to happen during the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, think again, it ended up as another great  fight, since obviously Manny would not allow Marquez to get the better of him, I bet you that this fight is going to happen again. 

I am a Pacquiao fan and I surely want to see him agree to the fight again to give Pacquiao a chance of redemption but should he really? If I am Marquez I would say NO. Marquez is 39 years old and if he retires now, people will remember him as the only Mexican to have beaten and knocked out Pacquiao. Pacquiao dominated their last fight, he is all bloodied up and if not because of the well timed counter punch he could have been another beaten opponent. So if he is willing to risk his health and not grant his family's wish of him to hang up his gloves then that is his decision, but ultimately who would decline million dollars of pay in one night? This is not far from happening. 

2. Timothy Bradley - Fighting and winning against Bradley will be the next best choice, it will help boost Manny Pacquiao's confidence and mentality at the same time he could reclaim his belt against the bragging Bradley. Many people said that Bradley is the safest choice but I don't agree, Bradley is the first boxer to have beaten Pacquiao for a long time, it may not be a satisfying win but coming in to the fight with that mentality is surely an advantage. Don't forget that Bradley is an unbeaten boxer.

3. Brandon Rios - One of the most entertaining boxer today, Mexican American Brandon Rios is nicknamed Bam Bam because of his relentless attack and never-say-no attitude toward his opponent.  The young boxer is being trained by the same trainer of Nonito Donaire. The fight between Pacquiao and him will surely bring a lot of firepower and some toe to toe actions. Since this guy is under the same promoter as Pacquiao you can bet that Bob Arum have this fight in mind, now that Pacquiao is an outgoing boxer, he would surely want one of his fighters to beat Pacquiao and be the next superstar. 

4. Floyd Mayweather - This could have been a very good fight but because of Pacquiao's defeats, it is not as good as it should have been, still however many people are clamoring for this fight to happen, Bob Arum claims that the fight is not dead, then we should believe in him especially now that there are few options for Manny Pacquiao and that fighting Floyd Mayweather maybe a good way of regaining  his pound for pound title. Wait a second who am I kidding? Floyd would never agree to this fight even if Pacquiao uses one hand. This would be another long year of frustration for the boxing fans. 

5. Manny Pacquiao(himself) - You cannot technically fight against your self inside the ring not unless this is some video games and I am not talking about that. The four fighters above are the most possible options for him to fight and since Pacquiao  mentioned that he wants to fight again then one of the above mentioned will surely happen.

Before fighting his boxing opponents there is some fights that will undoubtedly happen and that is the fight within himself, and this would be the hardest fight of all, Manny Pacquiao the boxer against the Politician, the Preacher, the showbiz-man, the etc... The many face of Manny Pacquiao. These fights is happening right now and there are no PPV subscriptions for it so unfortunately no one could see these battle beside himself. 

For now Manny fans is still routing for Pacquiao the boxer to win against the other Pacquiao's, we know that  ultimately Pacquiao want  to help Filipinos and whether he knows it or not Pacquiao the boxer had help Pinoys in more ways than he could possibly imagined. Pacquiao the boxer don't need to give money, don't need to build houses, don't need  to donate food rather Pacquiao the boxer have done more than that during his times. 

Pacquiao the boxer gives happiness every time he wins, Pacquiao builds the spirit and unites the Filipinos, Pacquiao the boxer provides hope and opens up opportunities to other Filipino Athletes, these and more and we know that no money nor politics in the world could ever give these kind of joy and inspiration to Pinoys. 

I am rooting for Manny the boxer to win the fight, so we can see him back in the ring. 

Honorable mention: Miguel Cotto, Rober Guerrero, Zab Judah, Canelo Alvarez - Not with Arum's payroll, different promoter.   


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