Who is Filipino Boxer Marc Pagcaliwangan? why all the hype?

His monicker is Gwapo means handsome, do you agree?

Who is Filipino Boxer Marc Pagcaliwangan? why all the hype? Ever since the last quarter of 2012, Pinoygreats.com has been featuring news and articles about this young Filipino boxer, he is a Filipino, so obviously they are trying to get his name out there, but who really is Marc Pagcaliwangan? by the way I cut and paste the last name, its even harder to pronounce and maybe to spell than Pacquiao. So I guess the first step of becoming famous is getting people familiar with his last name.

Will this last name be another household name, would Marc Pagcaliwangan (again copy and paste) face of be the next face of Filipino boxing, surely he may have the fierce look but we have seen a lot of young Filipino boxer, one example Marvin Sansona, this kid get this type of tremendous hype but ultimately turned out to be a frustration, oops I am not talking about Marvin Sansona again, at least on this post. Lets give Marvin Sansona a break, after all he is still young, he still have some time to think if he really wants to be a boxer.his last fight was March of 2012. 

Marc Pagcaliwangan (swoosh I actually typed that last name) is a 22 years old Filipino Canadian boxer, he was born Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is a 5'6 fighter with a 3 win with no lost record, his last one being a disqualification win against Hungary's clown Laszlo Fekete, everyone thought that this could be Marc's first test but unfortunately it turned out to be a disappointment, I don't even want to go with the details. Pagcaliwangan other previous fights was not really a challenge as his opponents had more lost than win, this means that Marc has not really been tested for the real battle.

It would be nice if Marc Pagcaliwangan would rack up more fights against more formidable opponents and maybe that time we could consider him as a potential rising star of boxing, his name is already out there and Filipino boxing fans for sure had noticed him, good job to his promoter and manager. 

While Marc Pagcaliwangan certainly have the potential of being a good boxer, the big question really would be sustainability, he could undoubtedly be successful because of his power but ultimately his attitude and focus would be the main traits that could really help him to be on top, take for example Manny Pacquiao, it was not an easy road and if Marc shows consistent good attitude then he might get a chance.  

Pagcaliwangan, finally I got used to typing his last name, it wasn't that hard.  Marc Pagcaliwangan another MP, but would it be another great boxing career, only time will tell.

Check out one of Marc Pagcaliwangan  fight.

fast hands!

What do you think of Marc Pagcaliwangan as boxer, will he make it?

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