Andrew Wiggins, why the hype? He already played in the Philippines?

As early as now basketball fans around the world may have already heard of the name Andrew Wiggins, I know I have and I am from the Philippines. Who is Andrew Wiggins and why basketball fans around the world are talking about him, check out some bulleted trivia below.

Andrew Wiggins:

- Born February 23, 1995(18 yrs old) , he is born the same month as Michael Jordan
- He is 6 ft 8 inches now but he could still grow a few more inches
- He is from Canada
- Wiggins was a teammate of Anthony Bennett, the number one overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft pick during the FIBA under 17 tournament last year
- He has two older brother who are also playing college basketball, not as famous as him
- Wiggins was not considered the top player prospect for 2014 until the previous top player Jabari Parker was injured, thanks to that.
- He is Mr. Basketball USA (2013), Gatorade National Player of the Year (2013), Naismith Prep Player of the Year (2013)  and McDonald's All-American (2013)
- His dad a former NBA player and his mom a track and field athlete
- He is being compared to Lebron James
- Could potentially play only one season with Kansas

Okay let's find some trivia that is connected to the Philippines... No Andrew Wiggins never played in the Philippines yet but Did you know that Andrew Wiggins father, Mitchel Wiggins played for the TondeƱa 65 Rhummasters and Ginebra in the Philippine Basketball Association back in 1994? yes he did?

Watch the son, Andrew Wiggins in action in Kansas