Let's build a PBA owned arena, do you think its long overdue?

First I have no relation to the current PBA commissioner, or maybe I just don't know that yet, we are of the same last name after all. Personally I like him, I think he has done a lot of good things in the PBA however there are just some things that should have been avoided with proper planning and right management. 

So we come to this, a lot of fans are angered because there beloved league failed to deliver what would have been expected in the first place. What is so hard about securing a place for the players to play, I thought this type of things are supposed to be already planned and arranged even before the season begin, but who am I to know. If the finest and the biggest basketball league in the Philippines could not secure a venue then then basketball fans are doomed, what could have been more important than basketball?  Is it Justin Bieber's concert or may be a religious gathering in all of the arenas in Manila, is the PBA not paying them enough money to reserve the rights of the venue, hmmp? It could be anything, but what is definite is that may be its time to pursue that long dream of the PBA to finally build its own home, I don't expect each team to have its own home court but the PBA had been operating for a long time and I am sure that most will agree that it is time to build a PBA owned arena

Our neighboring Asian basketball leagues, like China have surpassed us with how they are able to manage their leagues, they have gained reputation as one of the foreign league to play for, don't argue with me on that, how are they able to pay recognizable NBA stars to play in their league for years?

While I know the PBA still hasn't lost its charm with the masses, it need not to be satisfied with its standard, as a globally recognized league with high caliber players and the most passionate fans in the world we deserve to get the best out of our dearest Philippine Basketball Association. Everyone agrees on that for sure. 

Here is a screenshot of a fan venting out with Spin.ph to PBA.

Do you think PBA should build its own stadium? What are your comments regarding this issue?

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