Ana Julaton proved that she belongs inside the cage, getting her first win!

Ana Julaton will always be a boxer, she has proven herself as one of the best women boxer in the world, but tonight she conquered a new stage and she might have found a new home inside the cage of OneFC.

Coming in to the fight, there is a certain tense in the air for the Filipino fans as they nervously anticipate the first ever MMA ring walk of the Filipina Boxing champ. Ana Julaton accompanied by her striking coach and her training partner Ronny Turiaf (an NBA player) walks inside the cage with thousand of Filipino fans screaming in excitements,  It was quite a treat.

And while the ring walk is a highlight of its own, the fight was even better. Ana Julaton faced a 5 fight veteran from Egypt Aya Saeid Saber, and as predicted, Ana was a lot better when it comes to stand up fighting, it was expected that her opponent would take her down and make it a wrestling and a grappling match.

Ana Julaton struggled with her take down defense and was constantly taken down by her opponent but resilience and her unwavering commitment to continue to fight, even when she was almost submitted proved enough for her to survived the early scare.

Julaton finally took care of business in the 3rd round giving her opponent  a taste of her own medicine, taking her down and throwing down relentless left and right punches, and even showing a version of the hammer punch. The end is due to come.

The fight was stopped by the referee as the  opponent Aya Saeid Saber was getting punished real bad and could not retaliate.

Ana Julaton won her first MMA fight in OneFC and nothing could be sweeter than getting it done in front of the home crowrd!

Photo Courtesy of OneFC