Manny Pacquiao officially a professional basketball coach, surprise!

In the red corner weighing 147 pound the fighting congressman, and 8 division champion of the world! Coach Manny Pacquiao! This would be his new introduction when comes in the ring again this November in Macau.

Aside from maintaining a boxing career, Manny Pacquiao opt in to be a professional basketball coach and a player.  I could not help but smile, laugh and shake my head as Manny Pacquiao add's another feather to his cap. What else can he not do?

Manny Pacquiao is now officially a member of the PBA family. After months of speculation, the eight-division boxing world champion took on the role of head coach for Team KIA, one of the three possible expansion teams in the upcoming 40th season of the PBA.

 “I’d like to thank members of Team Kia,” Pacquiao said in Filipino. “I’m very happy that I was selected as the head coach. I need to prove that I can also show my skills in basketball and not just in boxing, specially because I’m the head coach of the team.”

“Before boxing, I already loved basketball,” said Pacquiao. “When I signed my first boxing contract, I really though it was a basketball contract. That’s how I got into boxing,” he joked.