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Jeff Van Gundy possible coach for New orleans Pelicans

 Jeff Van Gundy

                                     Left to right , Evans, Davis, Holiday, Andersen, Gordon..
Jeff Van Gundy one of the most sought after coach for years due to his experience. Van Gundy is the head coach that brought excitement and winning record for the New Yorks Knicks back in 1998-99 season they were seated as the 8th seed that got to NBA finals but lost to the San Antonio Spurs (That New York team is the only 8th seeded team up to date that got to the NBA Finals. 

Enough of the Trivia,Van Gundy is the one that intrigues me the most because its been almost 8 years since the last time he has coached an NBA Team not saying he is rusty but due to the fact that he has been broadcasting he was able to make comments that one would wonder if he was the coach it would have been a better result. 

Van Gundy will be coaching the league's next best big man in Anthony Davis. They have some tweeks that they need to do to improve that roster.But if its up to me I would love to have him back and coach the Pelicans. Other possible candidates, Tom Thibodeau and Alvin Gentry. 

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