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The Filipino Wrecking Machine

The Filipino Wrecking Machine

Mark Munoz our homegrown talent who is a very skilled wrestler and striker fighting in the UFC middle and light weight division has finally hang up its gloves on UFC Fight Night 66 in Pasay City Manila after a beautiful win against Luke Barnatt. With a career record of 14 wins 6 loses and 1 decision Mark has a colorful career in MMA.

At the post fight interview Mark planned to teach wrestling in the Philippines saying "In MMA, I think wrestling is a discipline where the Philippines needs. I can connect the dots for them. The striking is good, jiu-jitsu is good, but I think wrestling is deficient a little bit."

“I want to be able to come back and use my talents, gifts and abilities. I was a wrestling coach. I coached with Urijah (Faber) at UC Davis. We were just feeding off of each other. I just love coaching. I love taking a kid and seeing their skills and being able to add to their skills. Not change them. Just add to their skills.”

Mark Munoz is a filipino hero for all us MMA fans. We forever salute you for raising our flag on the world renowned octagon.

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