NBA BIGS: Trending right now ! which teams will benefit from them ?

That's right its a hot commodity right now. Bigs that are good enough to make teams better. Today, I will be sharing some of my insights about NBA Free agents mainly Bigs! 

Brook Lopez

Nets - It is hard to imagine that he would leave Brooklyn, because this is the only team that can sign him for 5 years. The Nets need to keep Lopez as much as possible because they won't win anything if they let him go. 

Greg Monroe

Pistons - Assuming that Kevin Love would walk. Monroe would thrive playing with LBJ, Just look at what Mozgov has achieved this past season. Monroe is equipped with low post moves and the only knack for him is that he doesn't have a consistent jump shot. Other destinations for Monroe would be Denver, Bucks, Celtics and LA Lakers.

Tobias Harris

Magic - Harris is the youngest here at 22 years old he brings a lot of +/- to a team. Harris is the one of the plays that can give you 17ppg 6-8reb per game and a 3 pointer. Orlando would do everything to keep him, however if he demands more money i could see a team like Dallas or Memphis(if they have cap space) or Lakers to go after this young stud.


Wizards - assuming that there would be a team willing to take Nene's reasonable contract , the Wizards should let him walk, Nene isn't a pushover whatsoever but is not the same as before. Both him and Gortat are effective underneath. Nene isnt a great defender as well. The Pistons might be a good fit for him or Dallas depending on how they play their cards. 

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