5 Reasons Why We Think Rafael Dos Anjos Will Beat Conor McGregor on March 5

Why We Think Rafael Dos Anjos Will Beat Connor McGreggor

Conor McGregor, the money maker and the fighter fans want to see in the cage will be front and center once again on March 5 in one of the most anticipated and historic events in the UFC. He moves up 10 lbs heavier to the lightweight division to challenge the man  he called a traitor to his own country of Brazil, Rafael Dos Anjos.

Conor McGregor with his outlandish style has been the talk of the MMA universe. He has captured the imagination of fans and whether you love him or not, you don't want to miss watching his fights as these will surely be as spectacular from the press con to the actual event, event the post fight interviews. 

Winning 15 straight in a row and having a record of 19 wins with 2 losses, the current featherweight champ of the UFC hopes to hold to two championship belt by defeating Dos Anjos and also acquiring the lightweight belt. If by chance he wins on March 5, it will be the first time in UFC history for a fighter to hold two division championship at the same time.

Rafael Dos Anjos is confident however that McGregor will lose on the faithful night of March 5. Dos Anjos is no stranger to big fights and loud-mouthed opponents. He also had a winning streak of his own with 5.  A veteran of the UFC, Dos Anjos holds a record of  25 wins and 7 losses, but don't let the record fool you. Rafael Dos Anjos has shown that he can rumble with the best and rise above the occasion. Dos Anjos in an interview said he will humble McGreggor.

The highly anticipated fight on March 5 will surely be an epic night as it will also headline another crowd favorite match up between Holly Holm and Meisha Tate but what we are really looking forward to is the showdown between Dos Anjos and McGregor.

5 Reasons Why we think Conor McGregor will be humbled by Rafael Dos Anjos.

1. Gaining weight might affect his speed

Moving up from 145lbs to 155lbs division will do something to your body and while we would all hope that McGreggor would be bigger and stronger, I doubt if he will be as fast as he was when he was still fighting 10 lbs lighter. There is not much difference between their size and it's true that Conor had fought bigger guys but none of them like Dos Anjos.

2. Getting punched by a heavier man

Conor McGreggor's two losses came in a form of submission. Perhaps, he can really take the punches of the featherweights and maybe those punches really don't bother him. During one of the conferences, he belittled everyone by saying that the division punches like a little girl.

We would see about that on March 5. Getting punched by a heavier guy might spell the difference between him being aggressive inside the cage and him being more defensive.  It could change his style or strategy after getting hurt. It's true that he got a lot of heavier sparring partners during training but on fight night, Dos Anjos will not hold anything back and will take it to him, full on.

3.  Volume Punching of Dos Anjos

Dos Anjos, The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has a solid game on the ground that would be really advantageous but we feel that his aggressiveness on stand up, volume punching and ability to put his opponents against the cage can ultimately change the complexion of the game and McGreggor may be put on uncomfortable positions.

4. Being Too Proud

All that is too proud must be humbled. Over the years the confidence of McGreggor grown into something that is no longer good for the sports. His disrespectful antics against other fighters and his belief that he is invincible could backfire on him and send him back to earth.

5. This is the UFC anything could happen

We know that he holds two belts when he was still fighting under a different promotion but this is the UFC, fighters are no pushovers and anything could happen, just look at what happened to Ronda Rousey.

This is just my take but if you want to know what the experts and what the rest of the people think, you can visit other Sports website or different gambling site like William Hill. You would see the odds of the fight and you can ultimately pick who you think would win.

You know where our money is at. Dos Anjos via early submission if not, it would be a decision in favor of the Brazilian.

Who do you got?

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