NBA | Did you know when the Shot Clock was implemented in the NBA?

The NBA did not have a shot clock until 1954. Whereas the lowest scoring game up until that point had a total of 37 points, the lowest scoring game after the addition of the shot clock was in 1955 when the Boston Celtics beat the Milwaukee Heat 62-57 for a combined total of 119 points. But the lowest scoring game in the NBA history prior to the debut of the Shot Clock was the game between the Pistons and Minneapolis Lakers which had a score of 19 for Pistons and 18 for the Lakers. Danny Biasone invented the shot clock and came up with 24 seconds as a threshold, He came up with this figure because the average number of shots that two team could take is 120 dividing it to 48 minutes which is the total duration of a 4 quarter game regulation or 2,880 seconds. NBA shot clock debuted on October 30, 1954 as per the . Maurice Podoloff, the first president of the NBA, “The adoption of the clock was the most important event in the NBA.”

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