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Actress Diana Menezes Supports Pedal for HIV

You do not see many people today who combines their advocacy with the love of sports or physical exercise. Faustine Angeles is one of those rare few. He plans to spread HIV prevention awareness on different parts of the country on a bicycle. Being an athlete himself, he mentioned that physical exercise or sports would help someone with the HIV Virus to stay strong and healthy. With the help of Victor Silva of Brazil, they hope to accomplish a noble mission by empowering the youth about HIV and put an end to prejudice.

One interesting part of this campaign is that the poster it self was made with a drop of Faustine's blood infected with HIV. The reason being is because he wants to show everyone that touching someone infected with the virus is something that is not contagious. (The small red dot on the poster is a drop of his blood). The press conference today was graced by actress Diana Menezes who is whole heartedly supporting the campaign her self.

by: Emil Rebano

Faustine Angeles in the middle together with Diana Menezes



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