Forge Martial Arts Fitness Free Trials

Forge Martial Arts Fitness Free Trials

The fires of the Forge are being stoked, and we are now entering our soft-launch period. We will be opening our doors to the public VERY SOON with these programs, and a soft-launch promo enrollment package, which is available from February 15 up to February 29.

Forge will always have two variants of each enrollment package: the Martial package, and the Fitness package, both of which will have open gym use, and varying numbers of martial arts and fitness classes to suit your needs. Same price, different combo!

Contact us via this page to reserve your soft-launch package and be among the first to train when the Forge is lit.

Also, please bear with us during this soft-launch period as, just like forging a sword, we temper our services over time to make Forge the best it can be. Class schedules are subject to change during this phase.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the soft-launch start date.

Let the forging begin.

Forge Martial Arts Fitness Free Trials