Quarterfinals Match-up: Barangay Ginebra San Miguel vs. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

Photo by: PBA Media Bureau

Since Rain or Shine arrived in the PBA, Barangay Ginebra has been a rival to them. The Kings once defeated the Painters in the quarterfinals even though they have a twice to win disadvantage. But in another conference with the same scenario, the Painters won after a crucial call went in favor of them. Now, they are to clash in a best of 3 quarterfinal series starting this Sunday at 5:15 PM. Here are my predictions in this exciting series.

 1. Jeff Chan will carry Rain or Shine on his shoulders

We know what this man is capable of doing. He can slash, shoot and score. Jeff can easily catch fire and knock down jumpers against great defenses. He has proven this not only in this league, but also in international competitions. Also, he just won his 'Player of the Week' citation after they defeated Blackwater Elite and therefore boost their chances in the quarterfinals.

2. Ginebra's defense will bite

Hater or fan of this team, let's all admit that Ginebra has been playing defense really good. They won back to back games heading into the playoffs with a huge difference in terms of their scoring and the opponents scoring. The Painters have to watch out for the quick hands of Ginebra's guards and solid defense from its tall frontline.

3. RoS will aim to win fast break opportunities

Of course it is very common to play a fast tempo offense against a triangle offense oriented team. This will push Ginebra to follow their own tempo; therefore rushing the plays of the Kings. Expect Rain or Shine to run fast breaks and shoot a lot of 3 pointers. Still, people should be aware that Ginebra's guards have already learned patience in setting up plays.

4. L.A. Tenorio will have a hard time scoring

L.A. has been carrying this team together with Slaughter and Jeffers but expect him to put up lower points. Why? Norwood will stand on his way. I predict that Coach Yeng will assign the 6'5" Norwood to stop the 5'9" Tenorio. Aside from Norwood, the 6'5" Ahanmisi will also help in defending Ginebra's guards particularly the 'Gineral'.

5. Ginebra will win the series very closely: 2-1

Ginebra already won their match-up against this team in the elimination round. They also are on a roll for the past 2 games. But this prediction will only come true if they will stretch their defense and guard the perimeter shooters of their opponent. Also, looking at Pierre Henderson-Niles, it is safe to say that Ginebra has better team chemistry since Henderson-Niles just arrived before their last game against the Blackwater Elite. They just have to watch out for him since he made a solid debut last Sunday. Nevertheless, no one should underestimate any team since anything is possible to happen in every game.