Jack Asis announces his retirement from professional boxing.

HE'S THE FAIRYTALE MAN WHO GAVE US ALL HOPE AND BELIEF that dreams really can come true. He proved to the World, your heart is bigger than any punch. He gave hope that no matter how far down you are you can rise up and be some one.
His whole life he's proven himself - but now in the boxing ring he has nothing left to prove. Today the once homeless boy on the rugged streets of Manilla who rose to the top of the boxing World announced his retirement.
"Today I'm announcing my retirement from professional boxing," Asis confirmed.
"This is a happy occasion and I'm very comfortable with my decision.
"I've been boxing a long time and the sport has given me so much, now it's time for the next phase of my life.
"This decision was not an easy one but one in my heart I know is what is best for me and my family.
"I've had a great career and I'm very lucky my dreams did come true.
"I won an IBO World title and in my last fight defended it in South Africa against a great fighter.
"I finish my career like I started it - I gave my all, I tried my best - that's all anyone can do regardless of winning and losing."
Asis informed his trainer manager Brendon Smith of his decision last weekend.
"When Jack informed me of his decision over the weekend it brought a smile to my face," Smith said.
"It made me smile because whatever Jack wants to do I'll always support 100%.
"Jack has nothing left to prove and the reality is we've tried to lure the big names, Billy Dib, Joel Brunker, Will Tomlinson and so on - for one reason or another neither of that trio would agree to a bout with Jack.
"So there isn't anything left for Jack to prove.
"He reached the top - he won a World title, no one can ever take that away from him.
"In the time I've worked with Jack he's given me so much.
"I can never say thanks to Jack enough.
"We've been through the good times and the bad times together.
"That will never change, Jack will always be family to me.
"He achieved so much in the ring, but I'm prouder of the man he is outside the ring.
"He has guided and helped so many boxers in the gym whether they be amateur or pro.
"He's a great man of the community and as we've often said 'Toowoomba loves Jack Asis.'
"I have no doubt Jack will still be around the sport - he has the potential to be a great trainer one day if that's what he chooses to do.
"If not he will become a big part of our team as an advisor to all of our boxers.
"There is no better role model than Jack Asis."
In his time in Australia Jack captured the attention of the boxing public. His initial arrival Downunder didn't yield a lot of success but then he linked with Todd Makelim and made several trips to Toowoomba as a sparring partner firstly for Michael Katsidis then Brayd Smith.
Jack loved the garden city so much he decided to relocate and he's never left.
"And I never will," Jack said with his trademark grin.
"Toowoomba is home for me and my family.
"Now that my career is over I have more time with family.
"My daughter is six years old this year and she has sacrificed so much with me being away chasing my dream now it's time for me to spend as much time with her as possible.
"I will miss boxing but at same time I remember I've been very lucky to be able to achieve what I did.
"I have no regrets."
Brendon Smith believes Jack Asis is one of the most naturally talented sportsmen he has seen.
"Jack is an incredible athlete," Smith said.
"Not just boxing, he's a great sprinter, long distance runner, basketballer - what ever he put his mind to he would be a success.
"When it comes to boxing, Jack could've been as big as Manny Pacquiao - he just didn't get the opportunities early on - if he did, who knows how big he could've been."
"In life you have to make the most of the opportunities you're given - Jack Asis has made the most of every opportunity put in front of him.
"You can't ask for more than that."
Jack Asis was dubbed 'a fairy tale story in the making' by Brendon Smith not long after he arrived in Toowoomba. The reality of life is often fairytales are just that - not real, but that's not Jack Asis.
The punchline of the Jack Asis fairytale was a world title. He achieved that on the eleventh of April 2015 with a stunning TKO over the previously undefeated Kye Mackenzie.
He then added another belt on the 13th of May 2016 - the Brayd Smith World United Champion title - with a unanimous points decision over Waylon Law.
Jack entered the record books as the first ever winner of the Brayd Smith belt.
This is the once eleven year old homeless kid on the streets of Manila who couldn't even afford a belt to keep his pants up - now he has an IBO World title and Brayd Smith World United Champion belt wrapped around his waist.
This is the same street kid - who had nothing, he begged and borrowed just to feed himself - sometimes he would go days without food.
This is the same street kid who used to sleep at night on the footpath with cardboard boxes and news paper as blankets who often wondered would he even survive to see the sun rise the next morning.
Jack Asis will never be recognised in the same light as Filipino heroes like Manny Pacquiao - but when you look at where Jack Asis has come from to where he finished his career, no amount of money, fame or belts can ever be compared to what the Jack Asis story offers - Hope.
Hope, in every sense of the word.
Jack Asis is an inspiration who offers us all hope, if you're ever on the canvas - literally or metaphorically - remember the street kid who never gave up and created a life for himself from the streets of the Phillipines to become World champion boxer and undisputed champion human being.

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